Conference is a business meeting for company discussion. During the conference, management team can provide the future goal for business development, brainstorming on how to increase the market share and exchange the information on how to tackle the challenges from competitors. Some conferences called conference call, which might be not a face-to-face meeting. Such call can save much cost for travelling overseas.

Since conference is the official meeting for your company, you need expertise to help you arrange all the things in the meetings. Such expertise helps to facilitate the workflow of your conference.

Ananta Hospitality is the professional expert in organizing conferences for your company, which provides conference organization, sales or dealer meeting arrangements, press conference and training

Type of Meetings:
      Annual sales meeting
      Press Conference
      Academic conference
      Management meeting
      Conference call
      Product launch
      Training Workshop
      Trade conference
      Dealer meetings

Quality Customer Service On-site:
      Well-trained experts to serve your guests at reception
      Arrange accommodation for the guests and staffs in conference
      Personal assistants will be available for supervision during the conference
      Comprehensive presentation tools, such as audio/visuals, screen presentations
      Transportation, including airport transportation
      Arrange translation for a press conference if applicable
      Perfect catering during the break session

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